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Mobile Storage: How It Can Make Your Life Easier, and How to Get the Most Out of It

Mobile Storage: How It Can Make Your Life Easier, and How to Get the Most Out of It

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Mobile Storage: How It Can Make Your Life Easier, and How to Get the Most Out of It

Mobile Storage: How It Can Make Your Life Easier, and How to Get the Most Out of It

Isn’t it astonishing how folks accumulate so much stuff in just a short period of time? Many women in particular become bewildered by the sheer amount of clothes, makeup and all sorts of trinkets they end up busting money on and collecting within a year (it’s no wonder there is an abundance of purging videos going around online these days).

It’s not just the shop frequently mentality that contributes to the growing pile of items that people own. Many are also guilty of holding on to things longer than necessary for sentimental reasons, as well as due to the belief that they will use these again one day. The result? Their homes become cluttered with possessions that currently serve no real purpose.

Owning an abundance of items that you do not use may not feel like a serious issue for some people, but professional organizers believe otherwise. They say that certain risks can arise whenever a home is cluttered with an excessive amount of items that rarely get used, such as:

  • Pest infestation
  • Molds
  • Stress
  • Fire hazards

A Smart Solution to Clutter

If you are not quite ready to get rid of surplus possessions, you actually do not really need to (at least, not yet). As an alternative to throwing out or donating the things you do not need or use, you can opt to rent mobile storage instead to free up space and restore some breathing room at home.

Our Easytruck™ mobile storage PODs are an excellent solution for the following reasons:

  • The PODs are affordable, making them the perfect option is you have a tight budget to keep in mind.
  • These storage solutions are versatile since they can be used to safely store items if you need to declutter or renovate your home, move to a different location, or put away equipment and supplies used for events and exhibitions, to name a few.
  • The storage boxes are weatherproof, portable and lockable.
  • These storage PODs come with a service package which includes professional packing and loading, storage in dust- and pest-free air-conditioned facilities, and easy “drive up” access seven days a week for your convenience.

Making Life Easier With Mobile Storage

With our mobile storage solutions, you will finally be able to free your home of clutter, and freedom from clutter translates to a positive impact on your life at home:

  • Your routine clean-up tasks will now become much easier to do. As minimalists always say, fewer things to clean equals faster tidying up time.
  • When you place the possessions you do not use in storage, you will find that getting ready each day and finding what you need, when you need it is now easier.
  • With each item in your home serving a specific purpose, everything always in its rightful place, and with more space to move around in throughout your house, you can launch into your day without feeling frazzled or stressed.
  • Many say that after curating their possessions at home and placing what they do not immediately need in a storage facility, making decisions can now be done in a flash.
  • When you are left with only the most essential items, you can easily see the value and purpose of each one. Having fewer things to contend with means you know what to use in every situation, and you no longer need to waste time trying to choose among several options.
  • It’s a lot like when you’re creating a capsule wardrobe; all the items you are left with are the pieces that you love and get great functional mileage from, because every item has a particular purpose that meets your need. Plus, they all go together. This means you do not have to stand before your closet for a long time each morning, struggling to pick your ensemble for the day.

How to Get the Most Out of Mobile Storage

Choosing the right mobile storage solution is crucial to the whole process of getting your life organized. Here are some tips to help you choose and how to get the most out of it.

1. Organize the items you will be storing according to importance.

Make sure that the items you have not used in a long time are placed at the bottom or the farthest end of the storage unit. Meanwhile, the ones that you have used occasionally, and that you think you might use some time in the future, should be at the front.

By organizing your possessions this way, searching for what you need will be quicker and not too physically strenuous for you.

2. Use the proper boxes or containers.

Putting related items together and in suitable containers will make organizing and doing inventory easier. Also, the boxes will protect your belongings from dust and damage, helping to preserve their good quality longer.

Provide proper protection for your items as well. For example, to protect breakables, wrap them in towels or clothing. To preserve the proper shape of shoes (particularly your boots), place small items in them, like golf balls or rolled-up socks.

3. Label the boxes.

Take advantage of the different packing products available and label away. Do not merely rely on your memory; after weeks or months, you may no longer remember where every single item was placed, and that could cause delays and other hassles when you need to retrieve something from your mobile storage. Label everything so that you can quickly find what you need every time.

4. Make smart use of your storage space.

Stack and position everything strategically so you can maximize every inch the POD. This way, you can see exactly how much space you have left for the things you need to add in the future, so you can rent another self-storage unit only when you are sure that you have filled the current one.

Your quality of life can improve significantly simply by choosing to use a mobile storage system for clutter or excesses. If you need to get organized now, we at Easytruck™ are ready to help. We can provide a wide selection of storage solutions and you can select the best option to meet your specific requirements.

Get an instant quote from us on a storage solution for your belongings today.

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