EasyCover Terms & Conditions

Easytruck Offers an Optional Individual Item Compensation We Call ‘EasyCover’.

Damage Compensation

Upon selecting on your contract and paying for Easycover prior to your move, Easytruck™ will compensate the customer for damages occurring due to negligence on the part of the company or any of its employees up to a maximum of AED3,000 total towards the cost of the repair or replacement of the damaged item(s).

Individual Item Damage Compensation Guarantee Limitations

The damage compensation amount will be capped & shall not exceed a maximum of 3,000Dhs in total regardless of the number of items or the overall claim. For the avoidance of any doubt, Easytruck’s liability shall not exceed a total of 3,000Dhs.

Damage Compensation Guarantee covers physical, visible damage to goods
and does not include mechanical or electrical derangement or malfunction.

In the event damage occurs to individual item(s) the damage needs to be reported to Easytruck™ by phone call to 8003279 or email info@easytruck.net


Easytruck™ will employ its best efforts to ensure all items are moved without damage. In the event highly valuable items being moved, Easytruck™ always recommends taking a 3rd party comprehensive insurance policy covering all individual items to their total insured value during your move and is generally available at approximately 3% of the total value of your items. Easycover is limited to protect against minor visible damage for repair or replacement of individual items to a total & maximum value of 3,000Dhs regardless of the number of items damaged.