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Here’s to a Moving Purpose

Here’s to a Moving Purpose

Here’s to a Moving Purpose

Here’s to a Moving Purpose

If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. Your passion will lead you right to your purpose.” Anon

But what if you can’t figure out your passion? Tip: it often lies in things that really trigger the opposite: misery, indignation and distress.  For us, one of those things was the experience of moving house in Dubai. 

Every time we moved house in Dubai, we found it far more stressful and inconvenient than it needed to be. Thanks mostly to the fact that moving companies in Dubai are so price-driven. It’s a race to the lowest price and you can’t take care of your customers if you’re cutting corners with staff, equipment and experience. 

Something had to change!

Finding Purpose in the Passion

Although we didn’t know anything about the home moving business back then, we did know that there could and should be a much easier and more convenient experience than what we had endured. We also knew that if we were going through those challenging home moving experiences, then there had to be lots of other people experiencing the same thing. 

Moving house in any context is always quite a monumental experience in peoples’ lives. For us, we felt that this made the generally appalling level of service professional removal companies were offering, totally unacceptable. Whether a home move is under positive or negative circumstances, the level of service offered by a professional moving company should make the experience better and easier, not the other way around. 

We were surprised by how strongly we felt about this, and quickly realised that we had not only found a passion but a purpose, too. Moving (and eventually storage) had to be an easier and more convenient experience for people in Dubai. And that’s how Easytruck™ was born!

Taking Purposeful Action

What happened next was an exhilarating experience, as that sense of purpose seemed to take on a life of its own. Within 4 weeks, we had created the brand, got our trademark, secured our URL, planned and triggered some online marketing, set up our 800 phone number, and used what savings we had to buy our first truck and recruit our first 5 team members. 

Looking back, it’s quite amazing how quickly we went from an idea to being fully operational with a lounge-based office and an empty maid’s room as our storage facility. But we were on a mission, powered by a deep passion to help make life easier for people when they’re moving home. That was our inspiration.

Passion + Purpose = Inspiration

From that first day back in 2009 to today, we’ve always operated the EasyTruck™ business with our customer’s satisfaction at the very centre of everything we do. That commitment to a single-minded ideal is what has inspired us along the way, and allowed us to adjust and shape how we serve our clients.

In today’s world, it’s interesting that operating with such a customer-centric approach has become more of a prerequisite to conducting business than an ideal. Particularly for a moving and storage business.

Convenience is the New Black

As society continues to embrace the simplicity and control of on-demand services, ease and convenience underline so much of today’s product and services landscape. We believe that storage shouldn’t be any different. Which is why we launched our mobile storage pods that deliver a new level of convenience right to our customers’ doorsteps.

The moving business is no different. Moving companies in Dubai today are responsible for almost everything related to a home move, which challenged us to take our consumer-centric approach to entirely new levels. We have to ensure, with zero margin for error, that our customers are at complete ease from the moment they book, to the last moment their TV is mounted and plugged in on the wall of their new home. It’s what we have and will always be striving for as a business: optimal convenience and peace of mind for our customers.

Feedback, Fuel for our Future

The blend of passion and purpose represents a powerful rudder for any business. Yet what’s really helped EasyTruck™ power forward over the years are the customers that have put their faith in us. To move them from one home to another, entrust us to store and safeguard their things and provide such vital and valuable feedback along the way.  

As we move toward our anniversary next month, we’ll be announcing a few things that aim to give back some of that love and support we’ve received. Until then, we’d love it if you could follow us over the next few weeks, by following one (or all) of our social media channels below, and jump in with any thoughts or comments you have, related to the topics we’ll be sharing. Your feedback, as always, is our fuel to deliver on our EasyTruck™ promise with even greater impact!


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