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Looking Back and Moving Forward

Looking Back and Moving Forward

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Looking Back and  Moving Forward

Looking Back and Moving Forward

Time Flies When You’re Dedicated to Easy


At the end of the month, we’ll be celebrating the 10th year anniversary of EasyTruck™. Our venture started out as a humble mission to prove there was a better, more efficient way to provide home moving services in Dubai. Since then, we’ve completed over 10,000 moves, expanded into storage storing over 30,000 square feet of personal and business items, won 3 industry awards, and seen our team grow from two people and one truck to over 35 and a fleet of 10 trucks & vans.  

It’s been an incredible journey!

As our anniversary approaches, the occasion has inspired us to reflect upon the last 10 years. From starting out with one self-funded truck and an empty maid’s room in which to store our boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap, it’s with immense pride to be considered today, as one of the leading moving and storage businesses in the UAE. 

How did we do it? Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves.

Shifting Sands

Specialising in an ever-relevant service-based business like moving and storage has given us front row seats to witness Dubai’s incredible journey. In many ways – thanks to the central purpose on which EasyTruck™ was built – our business has evolved in response to that growth and the shifting needs of the city’s residential and business communities. 

When rent and house prices have fluctuated, we did our best to make sure our service and the way we conduct business reflected the changes those fluctuations created in the lives of our customers. 

A greater sensitivity to the waste generated when moving house and the expectation of sustainability credentials inspired us to adopt a more conscious and sustainable approach to the moving, packing and storage materials we use. 

More recently, we’re understanding that the majority of customers now want a professional, comprehensive one-stop shop for their entire moving and storage needs. Such discovery required us to provide new specialisations in areas such as dismantling and packaging, and offer handyman services to assist with getting set-up and moved in faster, and with less hassle.

As well as responding to these changing needs, we’ve always done our best to anticipate future needs and requirements, too. Our mobile storage service and custom-built storage pods, for example, represent a new level of convenience and simplicity for customers facing the increasing pace and complexity of their everyday lives.

The Power Of Commitment

Great things rarely start without a deep, personal commitment. Ours was born out of frustration over the status quo, and a belief that the experience of moving and storage in Dubai should be as easy, convenient and efficient for people as possible. 

“There were (and still are) literally hundreds of moving & storage providers in the market, but they were all competing on price. We started EasyTruck to compete on service, because there are people out there that want things done right, with professionalism, and where their needs are understood and provided for. In essence, we wanted to make life a little easier for people.” 

~ Chris Humphrey, founder 

So that’s exactly what we did, and will continue to do as our journey continues.  

What Next?

Over the next few weeks, as we lead up to our anniversary, we’re going to be sharing more stories of the EasyTruck™ journey, and expanding our commitment to making life a little easier. When you’ve devoted much of your life to building a business that has people’s well-being faithfully at its centre, the impulse to share what you’ve learnt along the way eventually catches up with you!

It’s our hope and intention that you’ll find much of what we’re going to be sharing quite valuable (a lot less moving and storage, and lot more Easy Life). As such, we cordially invite you to follow along over the next few weeks by joining one – or all – of our social media channels below, and send any feedback you feel compelled to share. 

As we look out into the future, the foundations on which EasyTruck™ was built are only going to get more important. So, we look forward to making life a little easier for you.


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