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How to Use the Kon-Mari Approach During Your Move

How to Use the Kon-Mari Approach During Your Move

How to Use the Kon-Mari Approach During Your Move

How to Use the Kon-Mari Approach During Your Move

Thanks to Netflix, the whole world is taking a cue from well-known Japanese organizing guru, Marie Kondo, on how to work against clutter and stay organized in pretty much all aspects of life.

Even before her series, Marie Kondo has long been making the rounds and changing lives across the globe. Her book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” is a consistent bestseller and one of the most important life manuals for dedicated homemakers and minimalists.

We, at Easytruck™, are big fans of her method and we have learned that a lot of Marie’s tips are applicable to our industry considering how moving can be such a physically, emotionally, and mentally demanding process.

With the Kon-Mari approach, the often stressful process of prepping for a move can become, not just more efficient and organized but also enjoyable and enlightening.

The Marie Kondo-inspired move

A lot of Marie Kondo’s tidying and organizing hacks are useful when preparing for relocation. Here are Easytruck’s™ tried and tested Kon-Mari tips and tricks to help you stay on top of the moving process.

1. Create a core moving group.

You need people to help you with the process of moving. It is best to identify who they are and get their commitment. These people can be family, friends, and even hired hands.

Moving involves numerous tasks, and if you want to speed through everything or get more done in a shorter amount of time, you simply cannot do them all alone. So, start looking for people who are up for the task.

2. Put everything in a massive pile in one room.

Take all your belongings out of their storage spaces and dump them all in one room. This is the part of the process that Marie likes to call the worst before the best because everything will be a complete mess at first.

However, this strategy will allow you to go through your belongings and organize them more quickly. You can avoid going in and out of rooms all the time. And make sure to surround the pile with your labeled moving boxes and other supplies, so you can easily place items where they need to go.

3. Discard as you go.

Assign a few boxes for the items that you will not be taking with you. These are rubbish, things to give away or donate, and perhaps, items you can sell.

But Marie advises people to be quite intentional about this step in the process. This is why you should also set aside a box for the “I don’t know” yet items. These are certain items that you cannot dispose of easily because you have to take the time to assess their true value first.

For the “I don’t know yet” items, you need to go through them again to determine what purpose they truly serve and if you actually love or want to keep them around. Remember that the items to bring do not all necessarily have to be useful. Some things are worth keeping because of the comfort and joy they provide you.

4. Create logical categories for packing.

Putting things in categories will help you pack in a way that unpacking would be so much easier. For example, placing all footwear in one box will ensure that you will not be looking for the stray partner of your pair of rain boots in a different box.

There’s no wrong or right strategy when creating categories. If you want to pack by room, that’s fine, too. The main idea here is to pack in a way that makes the most sense to you so you can get settled into your new home more quickly.

5. Learn the Marie Kondo way of folding things.

Learning Marie Kondo’s style of folding clothes, especially, is the fun part. She certainly can fold anything quite neatly and prettily.

You will find that her folding style will allow you to store more items in a box, case or container, which can save you both money and space. Not only that, you can make sure that your items will not get damaged in their containers during transport.

Moreover, when it’s time to unpack, you can just move the folded items straight out of their containers and into the cabinets and drawers in a fast and organized way — no need to refold and iron clothes.

Moving to a new home doesn’t need to be stressful

Moving to a new place is a significant life change that you need to prepare thoroughly for. We hope that by sharing Marie Kondo’s wisdom, your own relocation process becomes easier and more efficient, especially in diminishing the stress of the task.

For solutions to other moving problems, Easytruck™ has got you covered.

As highly trusted Dubai removalists, we can provide you with all the help you need to ensure a smooth move to your new place. From moving checklists, affordable Dubai storage Company, to packing supplies and more — we definitely have them all.

Moving soon? Learn more about our menu of products and services by exploring the Easytruck™ website, or giving us a call.

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