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Paring Life Down To The Minimum With Self Storage Pods

Paring Life Down To The Minimum With Self Storage Pods

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Paring Life Down To The Minimum With Self Storage Pods

Paring Life Down To The Minimum With Self Storage Pods

Minimalism. This is another of those lifestyle trends that people today are getting into because, indeed, life has become too cluttered. For some, minimalism is the most logical solution to the effects of hyper-consumerism. Meanwhile, in Japan, minimalism has become the “positive midlife crisis” – many who believed that their life had reached a cul-de-sac learned that reducing their possessions created the power to break down the dead end and start anew.

This simplistic lifestyle is not easy, especially for those who accumulate and cherish items from beloved people in their life, but it’s definitely doable. It’s all a matter of establishing that the desire is to live as simply as possible, in a clutter-free space – and identifying where to store the things you simply cannot get rid of yet.

That’s what we’re here for. After you’ve disposed of all the things that you no longer require in your “new” life, you can turn to us for the things that you can’t part with yet, along with those that are valuable but you won’t be needing for some time. With EasyTruck’s storage, minimalizing your home is made easy.

You have a vast selection of storage units to choose from. You have the traditional units where you can chuck everything from old mattresses and furniture, to MiniPODS, which are perfect for your reduced collection of possessions.

Our self storage pods are perhaps the most convenient solution for minimalists. Why?

These are affordable – way cheaper than common storage units.

  • If one of the driving forces of your minimalist lifestyle is the goal to save money, then there’s good news: MiniPODS do not cost as much as other storage options. Moreover, these pods have no lock-in contract; you just pay as you go.
  • It’s important to mention as well, that with MiniPODS, you won’t have to hire a moving company because we’ll collect and return these pods for you.

Should you need a few items from the pods, you can just call or book online to have the pods delivered to your home.

  • You don’t have to personally collect the pods from the storage facility, which is a time-consuming activity. Your daily routine also need not be altered just to accommodate the task.

The service arrangement for MiniPODS includes professional packing from the crew.

  • No need for concern ff you’re not exactly the most organized packer (which is probably why a minimalist lifestyle is best for you), EasyTruck’s crew is. All your items will be packed safely by the crew, and they will also make an inventory of all the packed items.

The MiniPODS are stored in a clean and air-conditioned warehouse.

  • You don’t have to worry about your treasured items’ quality while they’re in storage. They won’t get out of the pods and the pods will be kept in a well-maintained, secure warehouse. Your items are completely safe with us.

The pods are deceptively spacious.

You might think that everything you need to store wouldn’t fit easily into these pods, but they actually can store a lot of things. Here are some of the items that can fit nicely into these MiniPODS:

  • A large suitcase
  • A small Christmas Tree
  • A small suitcase
  • A big box of bulky, winter clothes
  • Two shoe boxes (with shoes inside, of course)
  • A box of toys and books
  • A plastic storage box of décor or other knick-knacks
  • A bag of ski gear, or golf clubs

So, you may initially think that you’ll need more pods for your things, but it’s quite likely that you’ll only require one.

Paring life down to a minimum or adopting the minimalist lifestyle is a smart change for many. It has been known to increase happiness. With less stuff in life, many learn that joy is a state of being, and not having. Life becomes the priority and not the things that are just there for the sake of being there.

Likewise, minimalism develops resourcefulness. When you have a limited amount of stuff, you learn how to make what you have work. A spoon can be an effective bottle opener. An ice cube tray makes a great knick-knack organizer. When you have these few things performing more important functions for you, you also score the side advantages of saving more money and making house cleaning easy.

There are still many other advantages of minimalism and you’ll discover them as you practice it more and more. EasyTruck™ is ready to help you with your minimalistic journey. We know that you can’t dispose of everything right away, but you need to see the impact of the change in your surroundings. We’ll keep the items you can’t give away yet, as well as those that you want kept out of the house while you don’t need them.

If you don’t have too many items to store, our self storage pods are perfect. Get in touch with us and we’ll get the items you want out of your home in no time.

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